I wasn’t in this group but it was one of the early recordings I made. It was a great group. I recorded them at the 414 Club on Ridge Rd west in Rochester. They were a great sounding group and were packing the 414 club. Too bad the recording wasn’t better. We didn’t drive then so I walked the recorder from Bryan Street to Ridge Rd to record them. I ask the bartender if I could set it up on one of the tables near a plug and he said – sure, go ahead. I think I was around 15 at the time which puts this recording around 1964-65. As I remember they first got to town they had a drummer Joey D (?) – I think he sang Papas Got  A Brand New Bag and I believe soon replaced by Phil Guglielemo on drums, Bat McGrath sang the Beatles type songs. I remember Don Potter doing an excellent Georgia by Ray Charles.

Papas Got A Brand New Bag

Kansas City

You’ve Been Telling Lies