It was 1964/65 when I joined the group Dave Smith (whom went on to be at big influence managing Fender) was just leaving to go to college and I think the Air Force. Leaving behind Jim Meyers on Bass, Butch Biaca on Guitar, Dennis Marinelle on Drums and so I was asked to join them on the Hammond, at that time a Model A and we had Dave Hucks doing lead vocal. Here’s a few I recorded at Al’s Stand. It was on Emerson St, Across from Jefferson High School. Best known for it’s Italian Sausage’s and the best lemon ice ever. We also played at Christ Presbyterian Church one Sunday service 1966 – check out the article.

I remember we played at least once at the PCA – Polish American Club on Hudson and a few times at the church on the corner of Dewey Ave and Senca Parkway.

The final incarnation of the Obsessions included Dallas Kidd on guitar. We played The Farm in Victor quite often one summer.


Just Treat Her Right

For Your Love

Sha La La La La

The Denis Marinelli 11 minute drum solo


Ooh Poo Pa Doo