The Here Below was somewhat of an in between group  of various incarnations. The one in these recording consisted of myself, my brother Mike on drums and a Bill Gillian on guitar. This was recorded at the East Bloomfield Hotel on New Years Eve, We booked the job for New Years a month or more in advance. When we got there there was nobody there but the bartender/owner and a couple regulars sitting at the bar. Turns out the owner forgot to advertise that after being closed News Years for a few years he was now going to be open again. Nobody showed up. The owner said we didn’t have to play – but we wouldn’t be paid. We said we wanted to get paid – he said – “OK, play the night then.” And we did. We played in the dining side of the bar till 1:00 am to absolutely nobody. That’s also the place where Mike noticed the cockroaches crawling in and out of the open mayonnaise jar on the counter. Needless to say we only ate bagged chips that night.

Jumping Jack Flash

Evil Ways

Heat Wave & stuff