Geenwhich Mean – These recordings where done at a practice session we had. On Lake Ave near State St and Lyell Ave was a Pawn Shop where I worked. The owner was a guy named Sam Cash, no idea what his real name was. His brother, The General, was the manager of the Italian American Card Club that was next door. The upper floors of the building weren’t used so Sam said we could practice up on the second floor. So we would carry the Hammond, the 122 Leslie, the Drums and all the other equipment up to this dilapidated apartment on the second floor for practice. The group was myself, my brother Mike, John Conti on bass and the only other name I remember right now is Lex Byers. Lex went on to be the lead singer in the Coup D’villes – a great group still going strong in the area. We later changed out Mike for Mike P. on drums. I remember one weekend we were playing in Lake George at a Dude Ranch. We used to use these stage lights that I had made. Of course back then there were no computers or solid state controllers so I made them using all 110v wiring and had panel of switches and a variac to so they could be dimmed and turned on and off. The problem with it was you could only dim one circuit at a time – more than one and it would overheat the wiring. A long time friend of mine, Dave Roberts, came along with us and ran the lights. Somewhere between the beer and pills picked up in the park downtown that afternoon he got the thing all screwed up. In middle of one song we smell smoke and look over at Dave staring at a burning control panel. Just a bit exciting. I repaired the lights and I think it was about a year later my brother was with Black Sheep. They were using the lights while on the road until they were in the truck accident that came at the end of the Black Sheep existence.

Try  a Little Tenderness

You Don’t Know How I Feel

You Don’t Know Like I Know

Sing A Different Song

Delta Lady

I Feel Good

More Than You’ll Ever Know