Bordertown Country Rock was my chance to dip my toes into country music. I had never been in a country band and thought it would be fun for a while – which it was. I had seen an ad on Craigslist for a keyboard player.

I had a lot of fun with Bordertown and met some great people – a few I still play with. When I first joined we had Barry Case on bass, Phil Kruger on guitar, Dan on guitar, John on drums and three lead singers – Krista, John and Sara.

John the singer was the first to leave to put his energy into his other groups and we replaced him with JP Bracy. Next Sara left and was replaced with Darcy. That configuration played out the most. JP and Krista (Hartwig) and I did the Krista Hartwig group along side of Bordertown. Here’s a few tunes recorded at my place. The vocalists are Krista, JP and Sara.

I’ve Given Up on Love

Just What I Do

Baggage Claim

Country Girl Shake It For Me