About the same time that I was starting the Hey Red Band with Beth from the short lived Soul On Tap I got a call from Jerry Garcia – the drummer that left SOT just before the first gig. He was in a new project and they needed a keyboard player. Hey Red wasn’t really started yet – we hadn’t found Mike Dydra (guitar) yet, so I thought I go see what Jerry had going. It was similar to Hey Red but different. The same genre of music but a very different song list. It included Bob Miller (Blue Avengers, Fat City) on Guitar & Vocal, Chris McKain (The Chris McKain Band) on Vocal, Richie Simbari (Blue Avengers) on Bass and of course Jerry Garcia was on Drums. It was late fall when we started and we had a rough time getting out of the basement. The flu seemed to hit a different person each week, life things came into play and then (there’s a theme here maybe) Jerry quit. But this time the group continued and we got Dana Gregory (Krypton 88, Jasper) on drums. One thing that makes this group different from Hey Red is that we do about a half dozen original songs written by Bob Miller. In this line up 707 is a Bob Miller tune –

Gasoline & Matches

Hangin On

Tumbling Dice


Angel From Montgomery