The Hey Red Band came about because another band that just made it out of the basement dis-banded (pun intended). I had joined Doug Kanter (Bass) and Jerry Garcia (Drums) in their group Soul On Tap. They also had Beth Steele on vocals and Ray Belizia on guitar. We practiced over at Dougs place for a couple months. And then Jerry decided he want to go do something else and then we got our first gig – a party held at at house on Lake Ontario. We got Julias Veranti to fill in on the drums. I thought it was a great layout – warm weather, afternoon gig. The people were having such a good time they asked us to play another hour. But, something didn’t click for Doug and it being his group, he decided he didn’t want to continue. Bummer – because in the meantime we got another gig – again near water – at the Irondiquoit Rod & Gun Club. We decided to do the job – our 2nd and last. That to was a nice gig – out on the deck of the club overlooking the the bay. Some good did come of it – after a couple weeks I called Beth up and asked if she was interested in starting something seeing as we had put all that work into getting the tunes together for Soul On Tap. A couple phone calls and a meeting here and there and Hey Red was formed. We’ve got Beth as the main singer, myself on keys, Bruce Diamond on bass, Bruce Hylan on drums and Mike Dydra on guitar. You can check out the band’s web site at Here’s some tunes recorded in my music room – hopefully you’ll notice that over the 30 years my recordings have gotten a bit better –

Bad Case of Love

Little By Little

Are Your Ready For Love

Son of a Preacher Man

Angel From Montgomery

Midnight Hour – Knock on Wood