Some programming, some RV stuff, and a bit of local (Rochester, NY) band history as I was involved. These recordings go back 50 years.

Also known as “Do you really have to drag that thing around everywhere?” 

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Leon "Corky" Zak

Leon "Corky" Zak

This is assortment of things that I wanted to put up that may help others or it may be something they’re interested in, or things they’ll read and go “Why did I read that ?” like I do on some of the sites I go to.

A little About

I started Zak Software in 1982 doing database and programming after leaving Eastman Kodak where I did roll coating, electronics development, testing and such. I went to Kodak in 1969 because I needed a “real” job – disco had started to kill the live band market and I had a family started. After a 15 year stretch I came to the realization that Kodak was a chemical company holding the belive that “Digital will never overtake the film business.” And that statement was made while I was in my lab using a 2-4 pixel digital chip to read the position of magnetic strip on file while it was being made. I decided it was time to start my own business – hence the beginning of Zak Software Inc.

When the net came along I got into it pretty quickly. Started by doing a few web sites and then decided I wanted one. I was working with Maria Friske and David Cowles – they formed our first “graphics department”. I wanted a site to put the various things Zaks and I did and I forget which one (if they every read this and it matters they can let me know) came up with this logo. Taking a look at it through the Wayback Machine at http://www.archive.org/web/web.php it shows what we’ve used it from 1996 to sometime in 1999.

I’ve thought about putting a site up with various stuff and found a copy of the logo. What the heck, it works and geez – it’s an antique.

So the stuff here is just anything I want to put somewhere. Some programming things that I found helpful, maybe they’ll help someone else or just make someone smile.

I’ve got a couple other sites – http://leonsmgb.com, http://leonsvolvo.com and of course https://zaks.com.

leon …

Musically Speaking

When I was 13 or 14 my sister got this idea to record her kids while they were young. With this in mind she bought a Wollensak 1/4″ tape recorder. This was a great idea – only she had no clue how to operate it. But you need to realize it was a different world then – you didn’t just pusWollensakRevere3h the button.

Here’s a list of some of the groups and people that are included – this is as I remember, but this starts over 50 years ago so if you remember it better than me, or I forgot someone, or I spelled your name wrong, please let me know:  CLICK HERE to read more and hear some music samples.



Me – Leon “Corky” Zak

 Michael Bonafede – My Brother

Dave Hucks

Jim Mayers

Butch Biaca

Richie Mayers

John Mayers

Dave Zascoda

Tom Porpiglia

My Ex-wife

Jimmy LaDolce

Doug Nicholes

John Conti

Dennis Marinelli

Paul Burgio

Dick Miller

Barry Case

JP Bracy

Krista Hartwig

Phil Kruger

Bob Miller

 George Conti

Bill Gillian

Bob Nardone

Mark Ketchum

John Perry

Chris Roth

Richie Simbari

Bob Miller

Bruce Diamond

Burce Hylan

Mike Dydtra

Beth Steele

Dana Gregory

Lex Byers

Pete Tantalo

Sarah Ryan

Darcy Demmin

Dan Hill

Jason Furiuso

Tom Porpiglia

And more …