For those that have been following this and commenting here is where it stand as of today, 08/04/2013.

I received a call from Randy Rahe on 07/30. Then I got a call from the manager at Churchville CW explaining that the slider motor had come in and they would be working on it and I would be getting a call from someone in service keeping me updated on the progress.

Next came a call on 07/01 from, I think he said his name was Randy also, at service saying that they talked with Fleetwood and it was decided that the main board was bad and they would have to get one but Fleetwood was out of them so they had to go to the manufacturer to get one and there were a couple manufacturers and/or series of boards. No problem with this, I know how that works.

The only problem I had is that he also said that it was good that they had it that extra time because they then saw the leak or seeping of the hydraulics for the levelers and were going to fix that. That should be a good thing. Except that two weeks ago the service manager told me that was already checked off the “fix it” list. I’m surmising that either 1: they didn’t see it actively leaking so didn’t do anything despite the fluid around the base plate plus the fact that I told them it left a puddle of hydraulic fluid at the camp ground and would have given it back to me with it still leaking, or 2: .. oh wait, I don’t have a 2nd option.

So I’m getting calls on the status of it, which is important. I’m officially into week 7 of owning a $100k rv. Had it in possession 4 days. Gees, it can only get better, right ?

This coming weekend my Daughter and family are coming in for the weekend and seeing as I own this sleeps 6 rv was going to stay in that. This is the one that was with us for the 4 day ownership where the cord blew up, the leveler’s didn’t work, and has her family’s clothes and wet bathing suits and the charger for her computer still stuck in the bedroom drawers. (She had to buy another charger – unfortunately it was Mac – $79 at the Apple store.)

It would be really nice to have it by then. Prepped – which I would think is cleaned and working. And I really hope the drawers aren’t all moldy from the wet bathing suits. We’ll see.