Down side – we’re weeks down the road. Upside – I’ve got an RV in my driveway with everything working!

And it’s washed and shiny – it looks great. It’s the way it should have been the first time we picked it up. Even shined the tires. Got a call from Tim at CW today that everything was all set. Went over and we walked through the itemized list of everything that was repaired or replaced or fixed and adjusted. Everything that I had listed when I took it over (including the new blind for the door) was done.

Plus – I was given a new electric cable – no tape on this one. I would have been happy with them checking the old one, but I’m pleased with this. Tomorrow I’ll fill it with water (not the cable, the tanks) and check the other things out but I could see where the plastic plumbing was replaced so I’m pretty sure that problem is fixed as well.

<img class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-445″ alt=”ourrv” src=”×169.jpg” width=”300″ height=”169″ />

And while it was in they found a seepage at the hydraulic manifold that wasn’t real apparent yet and took care of that instead of waiting for me to bring it back. (Maybe they just didn’t want to see me again?)

I don’t think it’s that, as I’ve said all along – everyone I’ve dealt with has been very nice and easy to deal with. The problem was the communication between different CW’s and even within some departments. But it appears to me that the fixes are either in place completely or on their way.

I could have approached this much differently but with 30 years of running my own business I know that sometimes the “perfect storm” happens. It’s the crapper when you’re in the center. My experience has shown that there are two ways to handle it –

1. Shout scream yell piss and moan. Make you feel better – for a moment. Usually doesn’t make the other party want to do anything for you except get you the heck out of there as quick as possible – which usually means doing the minimum it will take to get rid of you.

2. Say on it, be as courteous as your patience can handle and it doesn’t hurt to remind them who screwed up and that fixing is the right thing to do.

There are of course those few times when it was obvious that #2 wouldn’t work at all so reverting to #1 actually gets you a moment of feel good. Or as I stated in my first post – suing is the only recourse.

I went with 2. It paid off. I’ve got an RV that is in great shape now, everything working and I’ve got a service center 5 miles away that I’m pretty sure won’t make me resort to these tactics again. And I got to know some nice people.

And by the way – I played our county fair last weekend (went great) and was talking with the bass player – they bought from the same CW and not one problem and were very happy right from the beginning. So as I said before – perfect storm of mis-communication.

And I’m a lifetime Good Sam Club member to boot now.

Thanks for the discussion and suggestions and thanks Marcus and Randy for taking care of this.

leon …