So I get a call today from the new manager at CW in Bath. They’ve finally figured out that we owe them some money. Somewhere in the saga I was told I would get a call from accounting to get this straightened out, I just thought it wouldn’t take this long. I knew I owed them money and didn’t think of not paying it, just wasn’t going to give somebody money and say “Here, I know I owe you this.” I was pretty sure that would get lost in this mess somewhere and didn’t trust they would try to collect twice. So I took the road of letting them find out and contact me – like they said they would. And they did, so I’ll gladly pay it.

Also – finally got (yesterday) my real registration. I’d been driving around with their dealer plates because they couldn’t get the lien release from the previous owner (estate, I think).

We took it to Letchworth State Park a couple weeks ago. Everything worked. It was actually quite nice. The levelers leveled, the sliders slid. The doors to the frig stayed closed, the water tank held water. It is a very nice unit.

We just watched the movie RV with Robing Williams. The movie pretty much was a loser if you didn’t have an rv. Having one doesn’t make the movie better, just that you recognize the basis of the jokes.