With this recent fiasco with Camping World it brought to mind a problem I’ve faced with other companies and customers:

They put up a “comments and questions” page, or phone answering system with a “press 1 for ….”. Then they don’t answer the comments or questions! Actually I don’t think it’s that they don’t answer them, they don’t appoint someone in the company to take charge of them and follow through

Although we’ve used no pesticides on our lawn the weeds had been getting out of control so we thought we’d get a lawn service  for one year just to lay the hammer down then back off to the no pesticide policy. We called the local lawn service and left a msg. I posted the question to have someone contact us in one online.

NOTHING came back from either one.

I was look last year for some landscaping work. Found a few web sites, posted some basic information about what I needed done. I think I did three of them. Got nothing from two, an answer from one 3 weeks later.

Then with Camping World – I took the survey they sent out congratulating me on my purchase, and with a customer satisfaction survey. Filled it out, sent in my concerns. Nothing came of it.

It does more than anger the person posting the comment or question – do you think they won’t say anything to their friends or cohorts? Of course they do. Burn one you burn 50.

And I’ve had customers that I’ve put the page up for not follow through. Really? And they say well I don’t check it because I never get anything, or almost never. It’s the almost never that will kill you. And does that mean that one comment or question you get isn’t important or a business opportunity because its the only one you got this week?