First formed in 1998 by Leon “Corky” Zak (the Zak in ZaksPak) and Mike Bonafede. Leon’s at every show and most always drags along his little brother Mike on drums. We’ve gone thru a bunch of incarnations since the core group first formed. With Leon “Corky” Zak being the Zak in ZaksPak  and Zaks Pack – we use both depending on what gets typed. We also go as Pratt Pack – after the Pratt building Mike and his wife Judy have restored. I’m at every show and most always drag along my brother Mike. Our first band we started when I was 12 and he was 10 – The Galaxies with the Miller brothers – Bob and DIck  – our first job was at Bullwinkles Bar in Rochester, NY. So Zakspack let’s us continue to play together. George Conte came on board way back at the beginning on trumpet and vocal. Mark Ketchum came some years later on saxophone.

Depending on who we’ve met and may have played with we bring in other players to end up with a 6 to 8 piece group. The idea is to enjoy playing together. Here’s a few samples of various incarnations. Visit for more.

Your Mama Don’t Dance


Last Night


Further On Up the Road


Messing With the Kid