This group is based out of Holley NY, I’m not sure of  the exact years, I think I first joined them in 2012. We didn’t play out a lot and at very many places but I loved the tunes this group did. A good mixture of Stevie Ray, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi and other like that. We played the Medina Tavern – a great local bar – almost nobody there when we started and by 11:30 it was packed and stayed that way till 1 AM. We also played the Holley Gazebo by the canal for the last 5 years in August. Stat at 7 and play till you can’t stand the mosquitoes anymore. Members  – of course Justin Crossett on guitar, Mike Zona on bass, Zach on drums and me on keys.

It’s Just Not My Cross to Bear


Empty Arms


Couldn’t Stand The Weather


Chase the Rainbow