I’m trying out Titanium by Appcelerator – it’s a tool for developing apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.

Got it installed with no problem, got the SDK Manager & Android Emulator installed and running OK.

Tried doing a simple default new project and it’s a crap shoot as to if it will work. When you click New Project it gives you a screen to answer some questions and then creates a project that defaults to having two windows with titles, not much but a good starter set.

Tried downloading what they call the Kitchen Sink – a combination of examples of most all the methods and objects available – a great idea.

Problems, problems, problems. So far it’s one of the flakiest programs I’ve ever used.

When I create a new project if I leave the SDK set to 1.5.1 it doesn’t work, throws an R.java manifest error. If I change it to SDK 1.2.0 it works.

I’m using their support forum to see if I can get some answers. Trying all types of things – permissions, run as administrator, and on and on …