My contract was up at the end of Janurary for my iPhone. It was a 3g and I like it quite a bit. Actually used it for remote desktoping into one of our servers a couple times to fix things while away from the office. Yes, it was a bit small but being able to do it from some of the places I was able to use it impressed me. I can get into our servers anywhere I can get enough bars. Well I guess I shouldn’t have been “impressed” but it was technology doing what it was made to do, but yet I found it at least “neat” (showing my age) if not impressive.

The iPad works pretty good with remote desktop into the Windows servers and getting into the Linux boxes. Big enough to be actually very useful.

So when my contract was up I was thinking of updating to the 4g iPhone – looking at some friends phones it was faster even on 3g.  But then i started paying attention to the commercials and stopped at a couple stores to see what else was out there. The Android phones had come a long way in two years – it isn’t just an iPhone market out there anymore. Last August I read at more than one place that Android being chosen had surpassed iPhone.

I eventually ended up looking at the Atrix (at&t) vs the Droid 2x. The Atrix won because it had seemed to just squeak by the Droid in features – a bit more processing power and the finger print thingy. I figured if I’m going to write apps there may be a time when I want to test that feature on something so that was enough to edge me to the Atrix. It wasn’t originally going to be here till March but I received an email saying it would be here tomorrow, the 21’st. Cool – just in time for me leaving for app training on the 22nd.

And the Atrix has the hot spot feature which means with my phone I have my iPad on the net through 4g. Not bad, we’ll see how it works soon.

leon …