This is a good example of Customer Service shining like poop. And a glaring problem with Godaddy. When things work, they’re great to work with – but their system of handling problems sucks big time. I understand that they want to not get their techs tied up with trivial questions but they don’t have a system for handling real problems very well at all, in fact it’s one of the worst I’ve dealt with. This is the most recent, this has happened a few times since we’ve been with them.

A little setup information: One of the services my company does (Zaks.Com) is host web sites. We run servers at multiple locations. One of our service providers is Godaddy and has been for more than 6 or 7 years. We had a problem (hardware) with one of the servers recently, here’s the transcript of one of my chats with them, I’m lz98lz98:

Chat Transcript Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…..

Thank you for your patience.You are currently at position number 1 in the queue. Thank you for your patience.You have been connected to Michaela Z. –

Server Concierge.Michaela Z. – Server Concierge: Please note: All Live Chat sessions are logged and may be monitored for security and quality assurance purposes.

Thank you for contacting Live Chat support for Virtual and Dedicated Servers. This is Michaela. How can I help you?

lz98lz98: I put a ticket in yesterday, trying to find out the status of it, # 11237xxx.

Michaela Z. – Server Concierge: It could take up to 5 minutes for me to look at this. I appreciate your patience.

Michaela Z. – Server Concierge: The ticket is currently with our data center for review. Once resolved we will email you.

lz98lz98: I talked with someone last night and they said they were working on it then, that was 6 hours ago, then I saw it came up an hour ago and went down again, is someone actually doing anything on it now or not ?

Michaela Z. – Server Concierge: The ticket is with our data center currently. Tickets can take up to 72 hours.

lz98lz98: I’ve got a server with over 80 customer websites on it that could be down for 3 days?

Michaela Z. – Server Concierge: Our notes indicate that it was up on Monday.

Michaela Z. – Server Concierge: We are currently working on this issue but tickets to take up to 72 hours.

lz98lz98: It went down at 1:11pm yesterday, it did a power cycle, it came up and went down again at 5:22, I put the ticket in, I did a recycle, it went down again, I talked with agent on the phone last night and he said someone was going to look at it then, it’s been down all night, it came back at about 4am, then when down again. It’s down now. I told them this on the phone.

Michaela Z. – Server Concierge: As I have said, the ticket is with our datacenter for review.

lz98lz98: So this system is not really for any problems in depth, it’s just a status kind of thing ? right?

Michaela Z. – Server Concierge: Please clarify?

lz98lz98: You can only look at something that says the ticket is in the system, you don’t know if there’s anything going on or not ?

Michaela Z. – Server Concierge: The data center has not made any notes on this issue yet.

lz98lz98: I’m here with over 80 customers on their way into work to find out their business web is and has been down all night, I’ve got more than a half dozen servers with you and there is not a way I can find out anything other than it could take 3 days ?

Michaela Z. – Server Concierge: It will not necessarily take three days. That is just the timeframe I am allowed to give. However, the ticket is already with our data center team.

lz98lz98: bye.