<p>The night before I left CA after App class I complete the first phase of an actual app that we started the week before – a museum pest reference guide. It pulls information from our newly launched website, CollectionPests.com, and loads an app on your smart phone.
</p><p><img align=”left” src=”https://leonzak.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/031011_1928_MyFirstUsef11.png” alt=””/>Right now it’s just a reference – The pests are listed by common name and then when you choose one you get an image of it along with a description, scientific name, eco type and risk factor.
</p><p>It’s running on the iPhone and the Android. I put it on the Android app store but have to get it through the Apple system. I’ll start that next week and let you know how that goes. I think I may like to add a few features to it before doing so.
</p><p>If you put “android museum pest reference” in Google it will take you to the download page, <a href=”https://www.androilib.com”>https://www.androilib.com</a>. Now I need to figure out how to do updates.</p>