There something to reading the directions. You stand the chance of learning stuff.

I needed to do a screen capture on my windows machine. Usually I do a prtscrn and bring it into Photoshop and crop down to what I want. I knew there was way to capture just the active window but I forgot what the steps were. So I did a search on Google. And Wala(?) – I found this thing called Snippet. So I started reading a couple links about it.

What it is is – a tool that let’s you define a part of the your screen and capture it, annotate it, and a bit more then save it as a png, jpg and something else and then mail it or save it. Damn neat this snippet thing.

But what I didn’t like was that a few of the sites that I first found that talked about it said “Bring up the snipet tool and ….” It’s like a lot of documentation that’s out there (some of which I may have written) – It assumes you know what the hell “Bring it up” means. I’m pretty much guessing that if you knew what “bring it up” meant or how to do it you wouldn’t have to be searching for the thing in the first place!

Anyway – what you do to “bring it up” is go to the command line – On windows 7 it means click the Start button that is usually in the lower left corner of the screen – unless you’ve moved your task bar like I did (still don’t know why, think it was a mis-mouse and I just never moved it back, it’s at the top) then it’s at the start of your task bar. Here’s mine:

<a href=””><img class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-32″ title=”startthingy” src=”×142.png” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”142″ /></a>

And I took that with the Snipping Tool.

I pressed the Windows key, the program thing showed up (or down in this case) and I typed snip. Snipping Tool showed up, I hit enter. At that point the screen grayed. I pushed down on the left mouse button and highlighted what I wanted to snip. When I release it the image showed in the snipping tool window. From there I could annotate it, save it or email it or both.

Not bad, I’ve used to two times since I found it earlier today. Whoda thunk it?

leon …