Sure enough the Atrix 4g showed up Tuesday the 21st. Went out to ATT store and it took Mike about 1/2 hour to get everything all set with contacts and number moved over from my iPhone. I had to take the case off the iPhone that I put on the first day i had it – it was then I noticed that in one of the times I dropped it I put about a one inch crack in the back bottom of it. It obviously didn’t bother anything but I’m thinking without the case it would have been BYE BYE iPhone.

That made me decide to get a case and screen protector right away again for this phone so I bought them at the store. Mike put the screen on for me based on the idea that he said “This is the only time (when you pull the factor screen protector off) that there will not be any fuzz to get caught under the screen protector”. I hate that, I spent at least 1/2 an hour screwing with my iPad getting all the fuzz out. So I figured he’s probably done more than me and he went ahead and NO fuzz. A small but wonderful thing.

I like it. It’s fast (duo core), seems to pick up the networks a touch, but not much faster than the iPhone. came with a bunch of apps already on it, mail accounts were very easy to add. Too be fair when I got the iPhone it was 2 years ago – things change dramatically in tech today so it is unfair to compare what I did/got 2 years ago with today. Also I didn’t constantly update my apps on the iPhone – once I got it doing what I needed I just used it, that’s what it was for and it worked very well. I added a new app once in while  when someone showed me something that interested me but I wasn’t app happy.

Using the Android system is easy – and I LOVE NOT BEING TIED TO ITUNES. The Apple tether is something I was never fond off and it’s nice to be free of it. That does bring some bad points – you lose the safety net being an “Appleite” offers. But freedom is not a bad thing.

I like the idea of having the icons out front that show me posts from my mail, facebook and texting without me having to do anything but turn the screen  on. Probably could have set the iPhone to do that but never thought to look for that feature. Having the Google search bar always on the front screen is nice too. I found I use that ALOT.

Battery seems too last as long as anything else. Screen is very clear, but it’s the latest generation so I expected that – the detail is there. Camera does a good job, I’ll stick one here:

And the fingerprint security works! I was impressed. I tried the Microsoft Keyboard shortly after it came out – I got one for Xmas from daughter. The keyboard was fine – it’s still going in my office – but the fingerprint thingy didn’t work worth a poop. But the one on the Atrix 4g worked fine. They walk you through reading your left then right pointer finger. They put up 7 or 8 little stars and tell you to swipe your finger. Each time if it’s a good read the star turns green. You get 4 or 5 right and it takes it as OK. You also have to give it a pin number, I guess in case you get your fingers cut off you can still use your phone – good thinking. It worked. I pressed the button to put the phone in standby. Then pressed it and swiped my finger – the phone turned on. Cool.

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