<p>Back from app school and I wanted to move some of my app work over to Titanium. While doing so I thought I’d publish some of the little things I’m figuring out as I go along – it may help others save some time over what usually are dumb things that should have been in the directions somewhere – AND that you would have read had you read the directions. I’m using Aptana as the editor for this. I’ve not used it extensively but it has worked OK so far.
</p><p>Here’s something that may be useful (for version 2, not 3) – after you start Aptana and you don’t have any files open you can’t drag and drop on the main screen – but – you can drag to the bar containing the words “My Studio”, then it will open the file you drop there. Once a file is open just drag and drop it pretty much anywhere. With Version 3 that was changed – start Aptana and drop a file in the main screen to open it.